Hi everyone,

Major C# newb here. I literally just started learning the language a few days ago..

I've been using just a txt editor and console to compile.

I've gone through a beginner tutorial and I feel like I pretty much understand syntax. But now I'm trying to get a better feel for actual implementation.

For starters I'd like to get more familar with the GUI coding.
Now to my actual question...

I've been trying to create my intial "window" for my app and I notice that everytime I create a form its only like 300 by 300.
I'd like for it be fullscreen. I was wondering how to accomplish this.
I know you can maximize the form window but I'd like for the app to start maximized. And I also noticed that everytime I run the application by double clicking on the "exe" file. That a new cmd console is created behind the form window. I was wondering how I can start the app without the console appearing behind it.

Thank you all for helping.

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it seems to me that you dont use visual studio.net or express editions to play around with c#.
to make the form maximized when form first appears, you need to set its windowstate property to maximized.

you are correct.. I'm a big fan of traditional coding. rather then using IDE's such as C# Express. I do have the program. But I'd rather use textpad. I feel like I get a way better understanding of how the language works that way.

Would that possibly look something like this?

...form.windowstate = "maximized";

yes but c# is case sensitive, you deprive yourself from intellisense provided by IDE. it could be this.WindowState = "Maximized"(but probably this is represented by an enumaration, in which case you can not use pure string value here."
i strongly suggest that you use IDE for learning C#.

I googled it..

this.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized;

thanks for your help serkan 8)

I still have the problem with the cmd console popping up when I run the app tho. Is that normal?

i have never run c# code without IDE, so i dont know answer to that question

ok I'll try using the IDE to see if it makes a difference.

Well I think I see the issue. The IDE creates a whole crap ton of extra files to go along with it.. I guess the stuff I've been writing is only considered a "Console" application. I gota say I don't like that I have to rely on the IDE to use this code.

Not only do I have to learn a entire new language but I have to master a program along with it... Not very kwl. ;(

dont forget, object oriented programming is about not writing code.
it is about being productive. if you want to satisfy your ego with some hard coding and algorithms you can try c or c++, and join Narue's ship :)

Well I'm more interested in getting right into developing software.
I'm just used to not using programs to do it.

I'm a web Developer atm currently trying to break into software development. I figure C# would be a good place to start since it can be used for both web and software.

I'm used to writing PHP, Javascript, XML, HTML, CSS, SQL, ActionScript ect..

I spose it isn't much different then using Flash programs. 8P
Just hoping I could avoid it.. I hate when I see people who use frontpage and dreamweaver type programs.

But you have to understand, it is impossible to develop software with c# without using IDE.

If you are so keen on coding, why don't you write a complete windows application in assembler?
I am also a learner(this is a great site to learn from btw) I use the IDE and Intellisence of VS C# 2008 just as serkan suggests. And believe me there is still a lot of coding to do for yourself! An IDE can relief you of the burden of setting the backgroundcolor of a button control, you still have to code what this button is supposed to do.

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