I am completely new user of Python and I am supposed to
develop a GUI for an old Fotran program. In this I would
like to use what I think is called "tabs" although I would
prefer to call them "folders" to avoid mixing with the TAB character.

What I mean is the feature you have in browers where you can
select different tabs at the top and display different widgets
within each tab.

I have looked at the Tkinter widgets but I do not find this
facility there. I guess one could construct one using several
Frame widgets and overlay them on the screen but it seems
likely that someone already have done this work and may
be interested to share it or can point me to where I can find
a solution or send me some piece of code which I can modify

Best wishes for the new year


Look into wxPython, as there are multiple options for creating a tabbed interface:
Tabbed Notebook

Go for the docs and demos package to get lots of examples of building tabbed interfaces

Thank you very much. One question I have about these new fantastic software is which will survive. Being an old Fortran fan I have seen many languages come and go and sometimes lost several months of work when some library is no longer supported. It is a bit more secure today with open source but I would not like to spend many months again to write a software in a language or using a library than may dissapear. Using Java would be safe I guess but very cumbersome.

One question I have about these new fantastic software is which will survive.

Are you speaking of Python or wxPython ?

In either case, neither will be going away any time soon. Python gets more and more popular every year and wxPython seems to be the de facto toolset for developing native GUIs under Python.

When big companies (ie, IBM, NASA) start using a language that pretty much ensures that it will be sticking around for a while.

agree with Jlm699!
Just download wxpython demo and enjoy examples demonstrating how to do things in wxpython, very helpful

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