Hello everyone!

I am planning to build a database application for my school to maintain school lockers. However, I have a few questions regarding that application:

  1. Is it possible to use access databse with C++?
  2. Is there anyway to authenicate a user with C++?
  3. How shoud I go about creating GUI applications?
  4. Do I need to have a special computer to compile the source code.

Thanks. :)

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1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Assuming 1 and 2, go to Windows API; there are some other ways too.
4. No.

I would love to use visual basic to code the program even I have already written an application in visual basic. But the thing is that it has to be cross-platform and I just do not want to support Microsoft.

Anyway, thanks for the replies. If you could explain how should I go about programming this application I would be very thankful to you. Like what type of proccessor and ram my computer should have to compile the source code and so on.

Thanks again guys for the help! :)

If you want to create cross-platform GUI applications, try something like wxWidgets .

>the best thing to do is use visual basic, trush me is so easy
Whether or not it's the best thing, the question was about C++ and posed in a C++ forum. Telling the OP to use VB is inappropriate. If he asked what language would be the best choice, then you could give your opinion. Otherwise, try to restrict yourself to the language being discussed.

But the thing is that it has to be cross-platform and I just do not want to support Microsoft.

I may be mistaken, but if you're going to interface with an Access database you'll probably be using Jet 3.6 which kills any idea of being cross platform. Maybe investigate another forum about databases and see what options are avalible for cross platfrom drivers.

Otherwise C++ will work and as a matter of fact MFC is probably as easy to use as VB

>after all am only giving my opinion
Then state it as such.

>i don't see you out there helping people
You clearly haven't been here very long then. I don't see you out there helping either. Aside from your dumbass "am bored" flooding, telling someone to use VB when they asked a question about C++ isn't entirely useful.

>someone useing c++ to build a database will always turn out crap
I've built databases using C++, and they were far from crap. Don't judge other people by your own standards, k?

>and i shall not restrict myself
I'll keep a close watch on your posts, and I won't restrict myself either. :twisted:

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