Well, I want to make a browser in vb or c++ with a gecko engine without using that IE embedding thing - a real browser. I have been told to use the Mozzila browser object, but I have not figured out how to use it. I created the object, but I don't know how to make it display a URL. (I get an error using navigate). I am fine with using Tasman or something... I just want to make a web browser. Any useful links or code? For just a web browser?

PS without the whole IE stuff

Right... Will the users computer need GeckoFX too?

No sorry I mean... GeckoFX is giving credit to GeckoFX. I want to make a web browser from scratch. I tried looking at Mozzila but there is so much stuff

Like I said, I haven't used GeckoFX myself. And you wouldn't have to start from the scratch if you have a rendering engine.

I've never seen a "blue-print" for a web browser, so I suggest some extensive googling. You may also try Krugle to find some source code.

Since you're dealing with a large project, you could try to form a project team or get some other help from SourceForge. An Open Source project would make sense since nobody's paying for a web browser.

I want to make a web browser from scratch

You're familiar with
- TCP/IP protocol
- rendering HTML
and a few thousand other things you have to take in to account? This is by any means to discourage you to start from the scratch on your own ;)