I'm writing a program where I have a variety of input commands.

Lets say here are my three commands:

playlist #

info - gives me information
quit - terminates the program

The problem:

playlist # - The command playlist # means I need to cout a number of songs according to the size of #.

For example:

Playlist 1

I love you

Playlist 3

I love you
Your a Jerk
Never lie

Playlist 5

I love you
Your a Jerk
Never lie
Ultimate Dilema

and so on.

The problem is the input method.

For example if I use cin >> a >> b;

Then it'll prompt for two inputs even if there should only be one.

e.g info and quit only have one input value.

If I use getline(cin, string)

Then I take all the inputs into consideration, however that means I can't apply playlist # to a function.

Lets say cmdPlaylist(int b)

So my question is how do I split something in the getline?


Thanks, but it doesn't fix my problem.

You see the thing is n of 'playlist n' isn't fixed.

and I have a set of different inputs.

I have to program the input commands to react differently.


cout << "Command: " << flush;       //Prompt for input
    getline(cin, cmd1);

    if (cmd1 == "quit")
        return 0;
    else if (cmd1 == "info")
        cmdInfo(cmd1);                         //Calls info function
    else if (cmd1 == "playlist")
        cmdPlaylist(cmd2);                   //Calls playlist function
        cout << "Illegal command: " << cmd1 << endl;

What I'm getting at here is how can I recognize playlist n, before splitting it.

Lets say for example

I enter playlist 6

it'll return as illegal command according to the code above, because I'm using getline(cin, cmd1); as input identifier.

If I use cin >> a >> b; then playlist 6 will be fine but info and quit won't work unless you put two input values for both.

e.g info info or quit quit

I tried using

getline(cin, cmd1, ' ');

but it just ended up looping endlessly saying it was an illegal command.