Hi, I have looked EVERYWHERE through google, and have found nothing to my avail. I am not trying to find an already existing obfuscation tool, I'm trying to find resources so that I can make my own, because I have completely no idea where to start... Any ideas?

Obfuscation of what? Code, images, executables, legal jargon, what?

Yes, obfuscation of code, so that when people open my application in say... .Net Reflector, they wont know what they're looking at.

So you want to write obfuscated code? Or you want to write a tool that obfuscates code for you? (i.e. removing comments, replacing meaningful names with meaningless ones, etc...)

The other thing to remember is that most source-code level obfuscation - sans name-mangling - is going to be optimised out by the compiler anyway. The structure of your program needs to remain intact and any decent decompiler is going to retrieve that with no problems so mangling names just doesn't give away hints about what your variables and functions mean/do, though reading through the code will likely fill in most of the gaps anyway.

If you really wanted to do name mangling you could add a step in your build process, a script that searches through and modifies all of your symbol names, but there's realistically little point to that.