well i´m taking some classes on C++, but i have no idea what namespacing std means or why i use getch(); an to return 0 how do i know which libary is which like the iostream or conio and how do you make your program finish and restart agian i know so basic stuff like getting sums dividing etc but no cool stuff like loops and other things

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but i have no idea what namespacing std

when the projects grows bigger and bigger , you will face the difficulty of finding
a new name for new identifiers without altering their meaning or you will
end up with long names like 'paser_sub_componment_xml_get_input'.

so that's where you can use namespaces. For a example namespace std refers to the standard library.
I think you should read the a C++ book and do examples. I suggest you to download knoppix like linux distribution and do the particles of that book.
Here is the best book for a beginner that I found, and the good news is it's free.

or read it online here ,

you can do a lot if you can download and burn a knoppix CD , it contains the everything that you need. the compilers assemblers IDE's and editors.

and for you're question on namespaces you can read http://www.codeguru.com/cpp/tic/tic0110.shtml directly , but recommand thing is start from the chapter 1.


How unfair! I bought that book once, I never knew it was on msdn. :P

Don't worry, buy yet another book! ;)

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