Hello Jx_man,

I have been trying to download the zip file you sent to Neji on Get all users, but it appears to be corrupted. I will be grateful if you could resend it to me.

Thanks in advance.

Ok Sir, and thanks for the correction. I will not do that again, however I need that zipped file if anybody can help, I would be very grateful.
Thanks again

hello Jx_Man,
thanks for the quick respons. I managed to download the zip file, but when I try to extract the files, it tell me there are no files to extract. does it mean the file is corrupted?

what do I do? to get it right? please help

for an attachment in this thread??i try download it and none file corrupted. are you sure??

Hi Jx_man and Neji,
I have been able to download the one sent by Neji successfully.
you guys are just great. I appreciate it very much.

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