Best software to use: VB (version), C, other?

Program description.
Streaming numeric data from five scanners.

Sample scanner input every 100ms.
Build 200 entry running table.
execute appx. 200 lines of logic type code.

Motion instructions to two servos.
Continuous operation with manual start, stop.

I would appreciate your advice.
Thank you,
Ron Lowe

Sounds like you need speed throughout. So I would suggest C, C+, C++, and also would suggest anything that uses a lot of overhead in the way of libraries you should stay away from and this means .NET. You can however have all your inportant code that needs the speed in a C/C+/C++ exe/dll and use another language like VB or .NET as the user interface (i.e. start/stop button) but if you are going to put so much into a C language then you might want to continue to use a C language like VC++.

Good Luck