Does anyone here know SML?

mvmalderen commented: No! BTW, This isn't C++ related! -1

SML who's the VP of WWE?

Details help.

i mean Standard ML of New Jersey

SML is a good language for improving your programming skills. It's the right language to learn functional programming. However I recommend you trying more modern functional languages as for example Lisp.
I have not a big SML knowledge but if you have problems using it just ask. Maybe I can help you!

Haskell's the right language to learn functional programming. Well, maybe SML is a good baby step.

The lisps aren't really functional languages, and, other than R6RS Scheme and Clojure, are not particularly modern. (At least not by lispy standards. They're more modern than most newer languages, certainly.) They are good for functional programming, they just happen to not be particularly functional themselves. Maybe I'm a bit of a purist, sorry.