Hi all,

I am wondering if it's possible to change the order of elements?

Added few check boxes and then GroupBox. However, groupbox is under checkboxes which makes them not visible.

How do I change that? There must be a better way than just recreating groupbox first and then checkboxes.

first create a groupbox (it will groupbox1)
then click only once on the groupbox1 to get focus,and then add some checkboxes

You can also move the current controls to inside the groupbox :
1. Select all the controls you would like to move ( SHIFT+mouse button or CTRL+hold mouse button to select an area).
2. Release the CTRL or SHIFT you were holding and click on any of the selected controls and hold down the mouse button - now you can drag them ( but not yet to the groupbox).
3. Drag the controls to near the top-left corner of their curent parent ( the form, panel, etc. they currently are on ) and release the mouse button. You need to do this because when the controls are moved to the groupbox, the 0-point of x,y coordinates will move to the top-left corner of the group box.
4. press CTRL+X to cut the controls to clipboard
5. select the groupbox (click it once) and then press CTRL+V to paste the controls on the groupbox. If you neglected to move them 1st(step3), they will propably drop on top of each other on the right-botton corner of the groupbox as the coordinates are in all likelyhood outside the groupbox's visible area.

Don't know what your level of expertise with Delphi is. However, in the longer term you will find that correcting form layout the visual way to be slow and cumbersome. A much quicker way is to do Alt + F12 to see the DFM source. The layout and syntax here needs little more than idiot level IQ. Just look at the way your controls are laid out in the DFM source and make alterations as required. If you are using aligned controls then it is best to take out some specs. eg. if you have a left aligned panel and it has its Left attribute set then left Alignment but take out Left.


Yep, I've fixed everything some time ago, sorry :-)