I'll be visiting the Delphi 2006 launch in the Netherlands on the 29th.

First time to meet DavidI and other dignitaries in several years.

Small recap:

- full integration of Delphi, C#, and C++ in a single product. You can have project groups containing projects in all 3 languages and have them work together seemlessly.
- yes, you get Delphi32, Delphi .NET, C++, and C# compilers all for the price of one. The product may be called Delphi but it's C# Builder and C++ Builder as well.
- ECO III will be in all versions, only restriction on the Pro version is that you won't be able to save to an RDBMS (it's limited to XML serialization).
- full integration of Together for Delphi and C# in the Enterprise and Architect versions. Seemless code-model transition.

Many of the new editor features (code folding, templating, automatic insertion of begin-end blocks, etc. etc.) we know from JBuilder 2005 are now included as well.

A very nify new feature demonstrated were visual clues on the form designer showing you how your components line up.
When vertical or horizontal lineup is nearly achieved you get a bar helping you get it perfect. No more messing with selecting controls and using the context menu to line them up.
Similar with control margins (NEW!!). Set the margins (if you don't like the defaults) and a clue will appear when you have the control set to the proper distance from the previous one. When inserting a control into another one, it will autosize to respect those margins where needed.
NEW controls for automatic layouts similar to Java's GridLayout and FlowLayout to grow and shrink with your forms.

Finally Bob Swart in his usual flamboyant fashion (you have to see him to believe his charisma) demonstrated building a complete application using ECO III and a SQL Server database without writing a single line of application code.

This may be the platform Windows developers have been longing for for the last 15 years. Shame I just got a letter from the taxman that I have to pay quite a lot to him or I'd have ordered Delphi 2006 yesterday and made use of the pre-launch discount offer.

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