Hi all. i need help. i have two text boxes in Web application. When i enter data in first textbox second will enable automatically. i have written javascrit of onblur and onchanges and onkeyup event to enable the second textbox, it works fine but the problem is when i copied and pate it in first textbox throw the mouse event the second testbox is not enabled. i tried onpaste event but it does not help me to solve this problem.

any idea to solve this problem?

Please drop you code here or try ASP.NET Forum

Is it WpfBrowserApplication you talking about?
If yes than try TextChanged event

TextChanged will postback, they need it as javascript to not postback it's common business scenario.

Thanks for your valid info but textchanged event is not necessary becuase i have to control throw javascrit event.

this.txtcardnumber.Attributes.Add("onchange", "verifycard(this, " + this.txtCode.ClientID + ");");
this.txtcardnumber.Attributes.Add("onkeyup", "verifycard(this, " + this.txtCode.ClientID + ");");
this.txtcardnumber.Attributes.Add("onblur", "verifycard(this, " + this.txtCode.ClientID + ");");
I am handling in page Load event. but this is not a problem. how to detect mouse copy paste event throw javascrit Event.

I recommend you to move to ASP.NET forum.

I recommend you to move to ASP.NET forum.

ok thanks Ramy Mahrous