i want to record report printed date and time when user click on the crystal report print button (which is in the crystal report viewer control).

is there are any event like click event.. for that crystal report print button. i want to keep record of printed report. i am working on a vb.net window application. please any one help me on this.

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You can try something like this:

Dim myReport as new ReportDocument()
'Pass database and Parameter info here
myReport.PrinttoPrinter(1,true,0,0) 'This prints one copy of all pages to the default printer, and collates them

i want to record date and time printed to database.

Normally "when user click on the crystal report viewer control print button . print dialog box appear". here user print the report. i want to insert the printed date and time to database.

is it possible to write code for the print button of the crystal report viewer control.

i couldn't find a solution for it. plz anyone help me with this code problem.

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