Hi guys, hope your all well,

Ok, a few days ago, my VB EE 2008 has gone strange. What happened was the program crashed and i had to force close it. So i simply re-opened the program. Now i cannot get access to my property box. Also, there are never any tools i can use in my toolbox (even copy and paste doesnt work).

I contacted MS about it and they were absolutely clueless about it so it still isnt fixed. Ive tried un-installing it (including the framework), re-downloading the software and re-installing it and still no luck (uninstalled it 4 times now).

I need VB for my college work as im doing an ICT course (which part of it is programming games in VB.Net) and i have no idea what is causing it

I have a screenshot of it, sorry about the size

If anyone call give me help, id be really grateful

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Create a new windows user and try to open VS2008. If it is not working then open visual studio 2008 with administrative privilige.

Following on from adatapost's post, if using admin priviledges doesn't work then do you have another computer that you can open the same project on... Sometimes a project loses priviledges...(which can be a problem and I'm not sure how to solve it.)
I really hope that you don't end up reinstalling Windows because that would be the final last ditch attempt that I would suggest.
It is odd that Microsoft are clueless about this.
Sorry that I cannot be more helpful.

Do you know? How to execute VS in administrative mode?
Please try => Windows Menu (VS) + Reset Window Layout

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