Well, I happened to download Dev C++ on my laptop today ... I jus wrote a simple "Hello World" program .... but when I compile & run ... compilation is successful but the result window flashes & disappears ...

Can anybody plz help me with this??????????

Also, how can I try to run the program from the cmd prompt ? I have a Windows XP OS.

Another suggestion required .... I just need a C++ compiler and need to practice some programs ...which is the best IDE and compiler? I need a free download? Is Dev C++ good enough?

Re: Dev C++ --> URGENT PLZ 80 80

Place the statement getchar() at the end of your program just before return 0 (if you have one) and then compile and run.

As for free IDE's look here.

Re: Dev C++ --> URGENT PLZ 80 80

well, I tried getchar() but i get a blank window as in the attachment.

what am I doing wrong? plz help


Re: Dev C++ --> URGENT PLZ 80 80

thanks S.O.S ! ...that was a false alarm...It didn't work at first but I simply closed the Dev C++ widows and reopened & tried again ...& it worked !!! :-)

thanks alot

Re: Dev C++ --> URGENT PLZ 80 80

You are welcome. :D

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