I have an SQL server 2005 database/table with a name and email columns. I was wondering what would be the best way to get the data from sql and send automatic emails using a web based form in asp.net lets say every month...is there any samples of such procedure around or does anybody have any samples/ideas..i have an idea of what i what but a sample would definitely get me in the right path. Thanks I appreciate your help/comments...

You could start with looking for how you can send email directly from SQL Server: Database Mail in SQL Server 2005.

IMHO all you need after that in ASP.NET is a way to check if it's time to send (store last sent date), and a code snippet to trigger SQL Server mail sending.

There are, of course, other ways to do that. Also, you should consider the volume of emails to be sent. Sending emails from a web page is limited to a few hundreds or few thousand emails. At least that was the case when I coded a long time ago email sending with (classic) ASP. If you have a large volume posting you need some "background" sending which doesn't tie up your web server.

And I did assume that you're not coding any spamming site :twisted:

Thanks for your answer..I will look into it ...also do you by any chance know if you could receive the mails and actually look for lets say a string of characters in the content of the email? I would also like to be able to do that... and no I am not coding a spamming site =P he he

OK i got everything working now..i can actually look for specific strings in the content of the email but is there a way to know when a message is returned other tan trying to find a string?...like are they marked as returned? or anything..i don't know if there is such a thing but figure i would ask. thanks ....

is there a way to know when a message is returned

Not straight with .NET itself. You need some third-party component like BounceBuster. That is a commercial component, but you may try to google for similar freeware component or component's source code.