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I am doing a project on creating send and receive sms application just like a software named Mozat M2U. I just want to know what are the different ways of sending and receiving sms. When I am doing my research, some of it uses sms gateway which is some application is using is for a trial. After that, the sms gateway have to pay. Besides the gateway, some uses the AT command using the GSM modem or phone.

The project that i am doing is for my school. The project that I am doing is not only send/received one sms but in bulk. Besides that I am getting all the contact lists from the SQL Server and I am doing the application on visual studios 2005.

I am getting no where of understanding after searching the net for example. Hope that anyone would help me. I have my dateline for doing this project.

Oh ya, I have found this article which teaches me how to build sending and receiving of sms. here is the link http://faculty.ksu.edu.sa/haiderali/Papers%20and%20Articles/Ceating%20SMS-Based%20Applications%20Part-2.pdf

Besides that my friend is doing the email part but uses the SMTP server. So how to combine both the email and sms. If using the SMTP server, can i send sms? Hope that anyone would help because I am new to vb.net and also i am a slow learner.


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SUMMARY: This class is meant to send SMS messages via the Clickatell gateway and provides support to authenticate to this service and also query for the current account balance. This class use the fopen or CURL module to communicate with the gateway via HTTP/S.

Hi adaptapost,

As what you recommend, the program that you suggest is only a trial as i am doing this for my project. As what I know is that, it does not uses the AT command. It is some sort like gateways , am I right?

As what i search from the net, I am no where understand the application. Besides that, it is in C# whereares i wanted it to works in vb.net.. Even though I convert it to vb.net, it still does not works but in the C#, it works.

How could I troubleshoot it? Hope that anyone could help.