hi there,
i ve got a visual basic project that is being linked to an access database.
i ve already got a search function working to populate text box's with the information from one table in the relational access database. i am using the ADODC control to connect to the database. what i have got now is a DBgrid control on there to display the information from another table in the database.

What i want to do is for the DBgrid to populate another set of text box's with the information that is related to the information that i searched for, using the ID number as the foreign key in the table that populates the Dbgrid.

sorry if this doesnt make sense but i have tried to explain it as best i can.
please any help would be good or any suggestions for that matter.

Thanx alot people :)

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i don't know if this what you need. Assuming you have text1 you can do like this:

Private Sub DataGrid1_RowColChange(LastRow As Variant, ByVal LastCol As Integer)

End Sub

What this do is it will populate the text1 everytime you change your row.
hope it will help.


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