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thanks for the links Tekmaven - yet another reason to netwrk my mac & pc's!!!! well, yes, i'm going 2b getting a router 4 my CableMod hookup eventually, but not anytime soon, & i've already got the hub & patchcables so.....


I don't think I know of any computer person that doesn't wear glasses or contacts. 8)


Ahem, ahem. I have good vision ... okay, well ... I *did* have good vision until looking at the monitor too much fucked it up. But ......... well, I don't wear glasses all the time.


Yeah I have to wear them. I'm nearsighted. Damn computer monitor. :shock:


I've been staring at computer monitors for years and still have excellent vision. You sure there's not some other reason? No dirty habits??

As far as the Bloodshed IDE (Dev-cpp) is concerned, I've been using it for some time and would recommend it to anyone who wants a free compiler for their C++ work. The latest version, along with the bundled Mingw compiler, provides good compliance with the C++ standard.

One thing though, recently the download version had an installation problem whereby it doesn't set up all of the required path names in the compiler options, and throws up lots of errors when you try to compile your program - details on the Bloodshed site in the user forums.


Dirty habit? Hehe... yes, possibly. I used to read a lot when I was little and also watched a lot of TV. I guess I sat too close to the TV and read in dim lighting. I don't mind too much wearing glasses/contacts though.

Thanks for the feedback on Bloodshed. I've never really done any serious development in C++ except for academic programs. Most of the serious work that I've done has been related to web dev(ASP, ColdFusion, Java, SQL, etc.) For a while I was into creating simple applications with Visual C++ and MFC, but didn't really find much use for it in my career. Even Bloodshed, I've only used a few times. I was a big on Borland's Turbo C++ 3.0 for DOS though.



A multi-lingual editor and really lite.It's fully customisable by editing property files like a script file.Very useful for some one who works with multiple languages all the time.

Some langs it supports:C/C++,Java,PHP,Perl,VBscript,Python yea right a lot more :-)

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