Ok, as I mentioned to Ezzaral, I'm working on learning Eclipse RCP but it is pretty hard to find good resources. I've found one good resource but it was written in 2006 and I'm really looking for some up to date online tutorials or resources using Eclipse Ganymede. Does anyone know of any? The only Ganymede tutorial I found was called "Eclipse 3.4", found here. It has good examples but bad (very few) explanations. Its also hard to know what is good or not since none of my team know Eclipse RCP at all. Any suggestions are welcome.


Ganymede was just the release bundle name for 3.4 as I understand it. You may not find a lot of information targeted specifically at 3.4, but other RCP tutorials should still be relevant on most of the basics I would think.

Yeah that's what I was saying. . The 3.4 tutorial that I linked to is an Eclipse RCP tutorial that uses Ganymede. The other interns on my team & I found quite a few resources, but a good deal of the information is different in the Ganymede one and the older one we found from '06. But the 06 one is better explained. I think I'm just going to buy a book on RCP today though, so I'll let you guys know how it was at the end of the summer.