Hello all, I recently was assigned to a project that requires me to take an unorthodox approach to handling a web page. I have been using win32 API calls such FindWindowEx() and SendMessage() to access dialog boxes and the buttons within. Everything has been running smoothly except for the final call I have to make. At this point I am done with the dialog box and I want to close it. I have tried using the standard approach for finding the window and button inside (a FindWindowEX() using the title of the window, then using FindWindowEx() to get the handle of the button I'm trying to activate), however this isn't working. I have also tried using the destroyWindow() function on the handle, which returns a bool indicating whether or not the destroy was successful.

I was wondering if maybe every window has access to a close or exit button of some kind. So far I've tried {close, &close, c&lose, exit, &exit, e&xit}, none of which return a valid handle.

Any ideas?

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Cool. If you don't know how to get Spy++, I believe I read that it is included in the Windows SDK.

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