hi there.Good day!its me again..
Can you help with some codes that I have trouble with
Im using visual c# 2008 and access 2000/2002 database,I have this database called VIDEO and some tables.
theres add/edit/delete button in my form to add/edit/delete videos to the database.
If the user adds a video,I want the program to search the database first if that particular video is already in the database and if it is,it will ask the user if he wants to edit that video or change the video he wants to add.
can you guys tell me the right code for those?
and aso,how can I use the result of a query in my program?
for exmple,theres an entry in a table for the total no. of people and another for the total no. of men. and my query returns the total no. of people and no of men.I want to get that result,pass to a variable and use it in my program.

so for the recap
1. I need help for the code in searching the database for the occurence of the entry,and tells the user if it already exist
2. I also want a code for the result of a certain query to be passed in my program so I can manipulate it.
3. If you have more time, can you also please give me some codes for add/edit/delete/update/search..Im using some codes here but I thinks its too confusing.

again,Im using visual c# 2008 connecting to access 2000/2002 database

sorry for the long message,I just want to explain my problem so that I make myself clear.thanks for reading
I looking foreward for your answers and I hope that can help me
thanks in advance

Are you lazy or blunt? Ask help for a guideline to solve a problem.

Im a bit in a rush,but im not lazy or blunt.I only have 3 days to do this.So Im thinking that I might get some help here.by trial and error,Ive improved a bit in my problem.Ive been able to add data and I think its the same process in edit/delete/update. but think my code is not that good. Thats why Ive post here so I can get help.
I cannot post my code because its not done yet.Im still working on it.again,Im not lazy neither blunt.

but thanks for commenting.

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