hi frnds i want to ask that what is the format of cookies last modified..Coookies of Mozilla are saved in
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\x5ncmceb.default\cookies.sqlite

If we read it last accessed date of cookie is in format 1244272348453125.
How to convert it to date..Can somebody tell me?

Just guessing. It might be some "modified" epoch time format used in *nix systems. See Epoch time in VB.NET. By modified, I mean that the base date is not 1.1.1970. Also the value "1244272348453125" is not 32-bit integer like it should be in epoch time :-/

You could ask your question in these forums:
mozillaZine forum
Firefox Support Forum
I'm 100% sure you'll get the answer from there.

Sir can u tell me is sqlite browser available free on net..If yes,den can u plz send me d link...Cz i searched all net...But i didnt find....

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