hi frnds i want to ask that what is the format of cookies last modified..Coookies of Mozilla are saved in
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\x5ncmceb.default\cookies.sqlite

If we read it last accessed date of cookie is in format 1244272348453125.
How to convert it to date..Can somebody tell me?

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Just guessing. It might be some "modified" epoch time format used in *nix systems. See Epoch time in VB.NET. By modified, I mean that the base date is not 1.1.1970. Also the value "1244272348453125" is not 32-bit integer like it should be in epoch time :-/

You could ask your question in these forums:
mozillaZine forum
Firefox Support Forum
I'm 100% sure you'll get the answer from there.


Sir can u tell me is sqlite browser available free on net..If yes,den can u plz send me d link...Cz i searched all net...But i didnt find....

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