i'm using vc++ 2008 express edition to build my small exercises projects, building solution ok, no errors no warns, my problem started after i tried build my project, , the problem is the path of .exe project application, vc++ create it in path " D:\", although my folder "release" is inside my project folder, how can i change the build output path to the release folder ?

i hope guide me

With your project open, use menu Project | Properties, Configuration Properties, General. There you should see the path for the Release execuatable ( .\Release). If it's not that, set it to be so.

i do, but nothing changed, i forgot tell u that i'm using indielib library, i'm not using pure vc++, i'm using indielib, indielib is game graphics engine, is that may the problem

According to indielib's wiki, you should still find the executable in a Release subfolder of your project.

What happens if you try to run the project from VC++ ( Debug | Start without debugging)? Does it execute?

Then your executable must be in the folder where the project properties says it is.

Perhaps you could attach a screenshot of the Properties dialog showing the path?