Hi Gurus

I wanted to learn perl and I need to know how can I install perl, c compiler etc.

I have two Pcs with me one runs on Windows NT and other with Windows Vista.

Could some one suggest me step by step guide including the softwares to be downloaded from where and how to install the required softwares?

Your help is appreciated.

Kind reagrds


Thanks Kevin that was useful.
Now I have downloaded the strawberry and I could see the CPAN (DOS prompt kind of a screen)

I am also able to use the notepad to write my First program of "Hello World" and able to save with the extension PL(test.pl)

The question now I have is how do I run my first "test.pl" file? This test File is stored in the BIN directory of the installed strawberry root.

Could someone help me? Many thanks in advance for your help.



You can run your perl scripts from the command prompt as ithelp is suggesting, but it is much easier to use a perl IDE to write, edit, and run your perl programs. A free one for Windows is Perl-Express:


There are other free ones and you can also purchase a perl IDE. I have used PerlBuilder2 Pro for years but there are even better ones for more money. For now stick with Perl-Express and if you need something better you can always get it later.

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