Hello I have had this problem for a while now, I am getting bluescreen when I start my debug.exe from my debug folder manually, but I do not get bluescreen when compiling and starting from C::B.

But there is an exception, my program only bluescreens if I start it before I open C::B and try to compile.

windowsstart -> open manually debug.exe = bluescreen
windowsstart -> compile & open in C::B = not bluescreen
windowsstart -> compile & open in C::B -> open manually debug.exe = not bluescreen

So it is only when I open the executable file manually it bluescreens and only if i open it before I compile in C::B, otherwise it works fine.

Have anyone experienced this?
// ixuz

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I figure it's code::blocks IDE

One difference between running inside and outside the IDE is the apparent "current working directory".

Does your program open any files?
Do you check for success when opening those files?
If you don't, you take a leap into the big unknown and post a message on a forum.


Hello, I have solved it in weird way. I broke down my code so I just had a few running lines including and setting up SDL.

If I run this little "doing nothing" program before I run my real program, the bluescreen won't pop up.

So I made a batch file which starts these two executables one after the other.

Launcher.bat ( vistaFix.exe, game.exe )


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