Hi to all, I'm working in a application that needs to replace a certain string from a file. I need to create like a dictionary, I'll explain my self.

1. I need to search the string 'class.type='
2. The string can be in the file like:
class.type=var; or class.type =var; or
class.type= var; or class.type = var; or
A.class.type=var; or B.class.type=var; or
You can see than can be with/without spaces, also the string 'var' can be any string(I put var for an example, also sometimes I have a string before the string I'm looking in the example I put A/B.
3. I need to find the index of the 'class.type=' and find the index until certain chars, I'll explain, for example in the following cases, I need to find until '{};'

4. Then I need to find the index of ';' from the string 'class.type='
5. In the end I will have two index.
The result:
Example 1:
Example 2:

I already did this but I think not in a elegant and efficient code, I read that there are regular expressions that can help me, but I never work with them.
I know is a lot of work, but I'll appreciate any suggestions to improve and write a efficient code.
Thanks in advanced:?: