Ezzaral & James -- I remember (and found) a thread from a while back where you guys gave me an example of an Observer pattern. Basically a model had a List of interested Listeners. When the model changed, it went through a for loop, notifying each listener (the views) that the model's data had changed.

Now, I am having the (opposite?) problem. I have a situation where I have what I'll call Objects one, two, three, and four. Object one wants to know when any changes are made to Objects two, three, or four. This is different than the above scenario because above, Objects two, three, and four wanted to know when Object one was changed.

I've been thinking about this problem for almost an hour, and I really don't think the problem should be that challenging to think out, so I'm posting it.

I believe that Object one is your observer and objects two three and four would notify it when their data changes.

So Object one is your listener, the other objects are models in the explanation you gave above.

edits - I don't even know if my example made sense or was why I was confused to begin with. But I understand 100% now. I don't know why I was confused to begin with.