In my application I need to have the user select one program (item) from the collection in a listbox. This listbox click event then triggers a sql query of an existing sql server data table using the selected program (item) in the sql 'where' clause. The returned data then will fill a datagridview on the same C# form as the listbox. The selection of the listbox item works. The query and filling of the datagridview does not. Suggestions please!

Please post your code.

This is in the dataset designer. Should it be in the click-event handler?

    private void InitCommandCollection() {
        this._commandCollection = new global::System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand[1];
        this._commandCollection[0] = new global::System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand();
        this._commandCollection[0].Connection = this.Connection;
        this._commandCollection[0].CommandText = "SELECT CAMPAIGN_ID, CREDIT_GRADE_PRE, SUB_GRADE, APR, ANNUAL_FEE, CREDIT_LINE, SE" +
            "GMENT, MAIL_CELL, MAILED, RESPONDED, APPROVED FROM dbo.[PROD_Mail Response] where campaign_id = cboxPickProgram.Text";
        this._commandCollection[0].CommandType = global::System.Data.CommandType.Text;