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anybody online there,
i want the solution of my problem.i will feel free to discuss the code of my aplication

You were very smart to PM me the description of your problem and then posting again asking for the answer without explaining anything.

Then double posted asking the same thing. As if we didn't want to give you the solution but after the second you made us change our mind.

You say "give me the solution". How are we supposed to know what is your problem.

No we won't give you the solution, unless you post at the right Forum (the JSP forum) following the rules of this forum


@anshusharma - private messaging to members requesting help is not welcome, without prior request/acknowledgement from recipient.
Secondly this is not 24/7 support, we have our personal life's and we help in our personal time not when somebody scream "help", "urgent" or "ASAP".
Close this thread and create new one in JSP section with full description of problem including any relevant coding


Yes, he made new post in JSP section, but did not include any relevant coding and ignored request to close this one. Without coding I do not see anyone attempting to solve his problem.

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