Dear All
I have written a MSDOS program to manipulate strings. My requirement is almost done except one. I need to convert a particular string which is in lower case to uppercase and print it to the user.

Do we have any command to do that in DOS or we need to encounter each character get its ascii value and so on.

I dont think thats possible by function unless you write the a statement for each case like

If %Letter% == "a" then %Letter% = "A"

And go through for each letter.

Otherwise you can pass the string to a vb script the funtion to convert string to upper case in VBS is UCase(VARIABLE) "very easy to use"

If you need more detail please dont hesitate to ask

I don't suppose you are familiar with the old Quick-Basic? are you? (and if you happen to be able to make/compile an executable dos program to call from a batch file?) you can read/change the string THAT way.

If you want to stay totally old school that is.
And do it with the older tools.

I also just looked over an old book I've got on Assembly language subroutines for DOS... looks like you can do it THAT way too, but I've never USED that. I'm laughing as I look at it... I have used Quick Basic and PDS.

but, honestly Sounds MUCH easier to do it gurukid22's way and use scripting functions that are available.

yeah, this IS an old post. Just noticed it...