How do I make a tooltip with summary appear for cutom defined functions just like the one that appears for inbuilt functions with
VS 2008

Like when I type List.Add() a tool tip says what the inpute params are and what the add functions does
I have tried writing comments above my functions in the same format as written in microsoft code but does not work

Anyone please help me get this done.......

It's not tooltip it's documentation

/// <summary>
/// Adds two operands and return the sum
/// </summary>
/// <param name="op1">First operand</param>
/// <param name="op2">Second operand</param>
/// <returns>The sum</returns>
private static float Add(float op1, float op2)
throw new NotImplementedException();

if you write Add it'd show the above documentation

DON'T WRITE ANY METHOD WITHOUT DOCUMENTATION, it's help who come after you understand it very well.

How to do: write three slashes (///) above the method.

Ramy gave excellent advice on how to complete the hints. The auto completion and code documentation is called "intellisense" if you want to read more about it.

Thanks Ramy Mahrous..

I tried this but it shows only whts between the summary tags and not the ohers
I tried a lot of combinations but doesnt show the whats inside other tags