Hi guys, I'm new and self teaching myself C++. A problem from the book says to create the CandyBar Struct and the create a dynamic array that hold 3 structures, initialize the structures and output each of them. The code works BUT I'm wondering if there is an easier way to initialize each variable or am i stuck with the "sn[0].brandName = ..." way to initialize everything?

struct CandyBar
		string brandName;
		float weight;
		int calories;

	CandyBar* sn = new CandyBar [3]; 

        sn[0].brandName = "snickers";
        sn[0].weight = 2.2;
        sn[0].calories = 147;
	cout << sn[0].brandName << sn[0].weight << sn[0].calories << "\n";
//	cout << sn[1].brandName << sn[1].weight << sn[1].calories << "\n";
//	cout << sn[2].brandName << sn[2].weight << sn[2].calories << "\n";
delete [] sn;

Yes there is: Use constructors. I think you will learn about them a bit later:

struct CandyBar
		string brandName;
		float weight;
		int calories;
		//no argument constructor
		//a argumented constructor
		CandyBar(string bn, float w, int cal):
		brandName(bn), weight(w), calories(c) {}
//in main()
CandyBar* cb= new[3];

//print all of these

why did you change

CandyBar* cb = CandyBar new[3];


CandyBar* cb = new[3];

How will the compiler know what type the array of 3 is?

Is that implicitly defined by the fact that cb is of type CandyBar?
and because something of one type must point to something else that is of the same type?

>why did you change
Answer; I was in a hurry. I wanted to give you the main point about constructors. :)
spare me if you could