yeah i deploy the application using start button in VS, then application runs ok, then to debug it i run it again without any code change, it gives "Value does not fall within the expected range" error.

Do you know why?

why do i get most wierd errors?
i want to curse outload in the office. do you feel the same anger when you get errors without no cause effect relation?

i want to be like other professional programmers and i want to lead the next programmer after me telling him, ok in here you have to do like this you have to remove all files from pocket pc and deploy the application to debug, so all your deploys will be from scratch. i hate being that kind of a person if i become so, but that is how others are..

i think programming is the balance between proper solutions and work arounds, if you try to do the most proper solution stubbornly, you cant be a successful programmer, work around has a high percentage against all its bad reputation, i think that has been what i lacked up to now.

Look for something not properly initialized!

Singlestep in the debugger and see if data contains expected values.

Other then that, the specific problem or code needs to be shown from view to have better insight!

this was a stupid initialization problem. there were list of objects that are initialized in the beginning, then instead of assigning new values to initialized ones i added new ones with new values. since the software was 7 years old, i commented out an unused initialize function and then it made the .add function unnecessary.

Anyway it is solved.