Im 24 and a time ago..when i was a junior and senior in high school i did some programming. We used turbo just touched on C in my senior year...All the old guys with me remember basic...

anyway, I'm going back to school for a degree in Computer Information Systems and I have the whole .net package... I haven't started any programming specific classes yet.

so whats the difference between C++ .net and c++ anything else? is the syntax the same???

.NET is entirely object oriented from what I understand - there is no getting around it as with C++ and C doesn't support OOP at all. I don't know much else about it really. I'd really like to wish you the best of luck on your degree, but as far as your question goes, all I can do is wish you luck and twiddle my thumbs until someone more experienced comes a'callin.

C++ is an improvement on C in the sense of OOP. It tries to be an complete OOP language, but its cousin Java 2 is much more robust in the OOP programming than C++.

C++.Net is C++ in the .Net environment. Making it Cross platform compatible ( the one thing C++ lacked was portability like Java 2), and C++.Net uses OOP to its fullest with the .Net Framework to draw on.

Hope this helps... I am in the weee hours of the morning writiing this ...

The .net suite is also more centered around RAD (Rapid Applications Development). You can go from scratch to having a fully blown program pretty quickly in the .net enviroment.