Ok here is my problem.

When using VB .NET to create a web application, I can use dropdown list controls fine, when just creating a vb .NET windows app, they are nowhere in sight. What is the substitute for the dropdown menu?

Sorry for my Naivity,


Any help would be great.

It is called a Combobox in Visual Basic! --> Under Windows Forms in the Toolbox

You can also set the DropDownStyle property in the ComboBox to get an editable combo or dropdown list...

I also have a problem with the Combodrop Downlist, but using it with MS Outlook forms. When I leave it as a 0 - Drop-down Combo, the User can use the dropdown list but they can also type anything else. I want to restrice them to using only what is in the drop down list. Thus, option 2 - Dropdown list. This only lets them pick from the list. It is then displayed in the field.

When a User "sends" the form, we open the request. When we open it the field is empty but using vb script it was saved to a database. How can we get it to display after it is mailed?

An altenate to drop down list in VB.net is the Combo box. Using combo box u can add items from a propert window in design time, or u can add items ind run time and also you can add items form a field in a database.

If this is what you are looking for, then we can have further steps on how to do that

Hope it helps to an Idea


yes, that is what I was looking for.

Only problem now is that Management has decided to drop the project of converting it to a VB platform. They decided that keeping track of the program on all the computers, who will load it, who has what version, who will maintain it was to much for them.

So now it seems I MIGHT be converting my MS Outlook application to Macromedia Coldfussion/Dreamweaver. Or, maybe something else.

Thanks for alll your help

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