Hi everybody
I interested in mobile application ….. and I want to find some ideas to do them
I've heard about making some maps for the world , apply office like (word,eccess,powerpoint..etc) and controlling the devices through mobile but actually I did not like one of them ..
So can you give me help ….
e.g. what you need in your mobile and you don't have ???
Or something you think it will make your mobile better

I'm waiting for you
Thank you in advance

Hi the_swan

there are few ideas i have for my self...

1. An alarm clock
* to have multiple alarams.
* options like alternate days, monthly onse,etc.
* at the time of alaram, it should display random keys to stop or snooze the alaram... insteard of pressing the same button daily (which we can do in good sleep... :) for lazy people like me)

2.Cash management software, (which is available as paid ones...)try to make thouse features like monthly/daily reports create your own accounts, multiple currency conversion support,etc...

I hope this will be ok... :)

>1. An alarm clock
This would be pointless as you cannot force Java application to start on every phone "bootup", it will not run device background it will be always on top and you will need to pause it. Not worth to spend time on it. Different story for if you try it to develop for Symbian/Android/Windows ME where you can communicate with underlying device OS

>2.Cash management software
Never need it one such this, plus I do not know anyone using such application
There can be sort of familiar ground if we take some sort of door-to-door salesman, type of person which doesn't run business from shop but travel country and have need to know how much stock company has of this or that item. Then you can create some application that will query remote database, retrieve and present data. Problem is data cost, connectivity issues (long delay, timeout)

For something useful you may want to try create something like password treasure. Sony Ericsson has this option, but there are limitation like maximum characters typed in and description often have to be joined by username in order to be able to fit in password.

can you tell me about password treasure plz??

I think about speaker mobile for blind people it is good ?

>>I think about speaker mobile for blind people it is good ?
I was laughing hard for a minute, but not from disrespect. I did this as MSc project (been sort of pushed into it). You have two main problems here

  1. Such application should be started automatically with mobile phone start up, which is impossible with Java Microedition.
  2. I'm not sure if people behind Java Speech API kept their word and delivered API for mobile devices as they promised last year. I had to do my presentation of application with pre-recorded mp3 files to show how such application may look.

>>can you tell me about password treasure plz??
Simple application that should let you add/edit/delete entries. I would recommend to make 3 point entries against 2 point entries done on Sony Ericsson phones (see w910 model and run Try the W910i. It will pop up new window with phone view. Once loaded you can play around with it. Go MENU >> Organizer >> CODE MEMO (last option on the list))
As said 3 entry fields :

  1. Description
  2. Username
  3. Password

Store data in RecordStore and provide access through implement of password protection with BouncyCastle or similar library. If you want even further, you can provide import/export option of data in encrypted file from phone to phone (handy when you get phone upgrade from your contract, so you do ot need to re-type all data to new phone)

Thank you for this information 
Truly it think of speaker mobile as a project for my final year
But until now I did not decide what to choose (systems with window applications or mobile applications )
Can you tell me about Trend in the labor market through your experience.