I have inserted a value in a textbox in the form, which goes to a particular field in a particular table in the database. I want that same value to b displayed in another field in a different table in the same database.How?

Similarly i also want that if a combobox is selected, then as many datetime pickers must be enabled as the value selected in the combobox.Please help

Did you work out on them? Use DataBinding. Please post code.

actually i m not gettin how to do
let me tel u d problem.
I hav 2 tables.
StudentStatus and Student.
In student Status there is a combobox.(New, left, transfer)
Whatever value i select in Student status combobox must go to a text box in Student Table.Please help

Do you want to insert a record into student table where value of status field comes from the ComboBox? Isn't it?

dats wat i want, the value of status field to be stored in student table.

This code might help you.

String val=comboBox1.Text;
  String sql="insert into student values ('a','b','" + val + "','1')";

the code you gave is for combobox.
But my 1st query is stil unsolved. I hav 2 tables.ASSET and STORE.
In asset I have the opening Balance of an Item Code. I want that as soon as I enter the Opening Balance for an Item Code, that OPening Balance is also stored in the Available Balance field in STORE table.
The common field is ItemCode in the 2 tables