I am writing a portable desktop for my flash drive as an alternative to the portable "menus" that you can download. I need to know how to drag a link from somewhere on the screen (eg desktop, start menu or windows explorer) and drop it in my program. It also needs to able to retain the destination that it refers to. For example I want to drag a shortcut from my start menu onto my program's window and still be able to open the program that the shortcut refers to from the new icon in my program's window. I am using MinGW and Windows.


Um, I'm using the allegro library, which implements it's own GUI, and looking over some of the QT docs it looks like it could be tough to get the two to "play nice". I might be able to do it, but if there is another way, it would be easier.

If you are using allegro drag and drop will be much harder as allegro's gui isn't very powerful. One way you can do it though is to use the windows api but that would be very tricky and i would not recommend it to a beginner programmer

You don't need anything. Just use Win32 OLE apis

Um, OK. I think I have it figured out. Thanks