I have a vb6 (sp2) program that uses several ActiveX controls and components. It runs fine on XP and win 2K but after installing on Win 2003 server, 2 parts of the programme (responding to click events) cause the error "Run time erro 429 - ActiveX components can't creat error".

I have installed error handling in the associated click event procedures but it seems the error is raised prior to the procedures running as the error handler does not respond.

I have several components (DAO,ADODC MSHFlexgrid. Flexgrid DatControl) and references to Access 2000, Excel 97 and Data Environment plus usual vb standard references.

How can I find which ActiveX component or components are causing the problem. Will there be an entry in the event log or can I setup to get the application to record one?


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In Visual Basic, there are several causes of it as below:

* Corrupted Windows registry
* Mistake in the application
* Incorrect system configuration
* Missing/damaged component
Runtime error 429 has something to do with your Microsoft Office applications. You may receive run-time error 429 when you automate Office applications. The full message should be: Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object. Why will this error occur? Because the requested Automation object can not be created by the Component Object Model therefore it is unavailable to Visual Basic. So there comes the run-time error 429.You can try to launch your Office application yourself to check the integrality of it. And of course you need to make sure the problem is not caused by some security issues. A most common method to fix runtime error 429 is to re-register all of the registry entries of Office application or use Microsoft's office 'Repair' function to fix such problem. Some people choose to uninstall all of the Office applications and reinstall them.

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First Check Which Form is giving the error, and also check what all components (ocx) you have used in that form....

SP2 seems very old.. What I recommend is Download and Install Visual Studio latest service pack (SP6 ) on your machine and Complie and Create Setup ...

Also what I guess is, such errors are usually due to the
"Windows Common Controls" (Statusbar/ScrollBar..set)...


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