I coded an application that has 12 questions. Each question has 3 option buttons on a group. By using if statements i get to calculate 4 different results. Each result goes on a textbox and i also have other textboxes for name, date, stuff like that. In total 14 textboxes. I have an access database with a table called info where i want to store this 14 textboxes. What code can i use to create a save button on VB that will save each textbox data to the different fields of my info table?

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You're probably best off creating a dataset and working through that. Add a new DataSet to your project, right click on the dataset designer and add a table adapter, select "New Connection", hit the "Change" button next to the data source text box and select "Microsoft Access Database File (OLE DB)", then away you go...


Thank you for your reply. Well i already had the data set i just don´t know how to work it out. I see that it has te commands on the table adapter (delete, insert, update, select) but how do i apply this to a button on my form so when i click on it will do the save procedure, the delete procedure. The connection is done, but i´d like to know how to interact between the form and the database.

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