I am working on a project where I need parameters to be sent between multiple programs.

So to briefly summarize the background of my project: I made a application using c# that will take in some data from an Excel file and do some calculations to return a value, then I need to send this value to a (presumably) .exe made via LabView (a graphical programming developer tool). Similarly I also might need to manipulate some data from within the .exe from LabView.

This process will be done on separate machines (so my program will be running on one laptop, while the labView program will be running on another laptop). I would imagine that the two computers would be connected using some sort of physical link?

So I was wondering first of all what does everyone think about this process? Is it possible? How in broad concept it is done? Anything specific help sources that can be provided?

Sorry I cannot provide any technical details since i don't even know how to approach the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


There're techniques the most fit I don't know you should read the pros\cons and determine the most suitable for you
1- WCF
3- .NET Remoting
4- COM