Hello, i'm a novice who have some ideas of the basic concepts and some advanced topics like templates and exception handling. I now want to improve my programming skills.

I would very appreciate if anyone could recommend some good books to me. :)

Well what are you looking for? Are you looking into system specific programming, networking, or just more advanced C++ topics?

Sounds like you want to sit down do some actual programming. Take some code samples from books or the code snippets here on DaniWeb and run them through your compiler. See what they do, then experiment with the code, improve and embellish. Read lots of books or online info while you do this. Your skills will improve!

Well what are you looking for?

I'm looking for books that deal with more advanced topics and programming tips.



I would recomend a big refrence book, but most things can be found on the web. use your google kung fu!

Say, if i want to learn Visual C++ MFC programming, what books would you recommend?

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