I am using a textbox as a user visible log on my form1. The following code works as long as it is used only on form1.cs.
lboxLog.Items.Insert(0,"Log this message");
If it is used on any other form I get the following message
The name 'lboxLog' does not exist in the current context.
I have tried to qualify the lboxLog as frm1.lboxLog but get the same message. Suggestions?!

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I appreciate everyone's assistance, but I don't know enough to apply your suggestions to my case. Is it NOT possible to fill a combobox text property from a differenc form?


I can't seem to spell today. I am using a listbox as a log not a textbox. Again, is it NOT possible to fill a listbox.text property from a form other than the one the listbox was created?


Seriously.. delete the delete textbox, add a listbox, and change one line of code. Its not that hard.

Here is the attachment since you are having difficulties modifying either set of code examples provided. You're welcome.

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