please how do i go about this RMI project it has been giving me alot of trouble
Problem statement

A management wishes to automate and centralize the entire system so that the data can be stored in one central dtatabase. the system should consist of client/server architechture that can enable administrator and other staff of HO(head office) to add/view/modify various loan scheme,brach information, and employee information

the system should provide a login mechanism for administrator,senior staff management and the employee,

it should store infors like program name,code,amount of loan etc in the database and these details should be viewable by everyone who has a valid login id and pass but it should be edited and deleted by only the admin and only the admin should be shown the option of editing and deleting these records

the system should also have an interface to generate the relevant records, which can either be generated at the branch office or by the HQ by the sale manager or the branch manager

a communication system is also reuqired like internal mail facilities for the employee of the company.

internal chat application for the employee of the company

please guys i have guys i have tried really hard but it does not seem to be working ,i really need your help

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What is a problem of your system?

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i dont know how to go about it, i dont know how to implement all that because i am not that good yet.


Let me know. Which section (Web, Swings, SQL, Core, RMI) of java platform you have at your hand?


web(still learning),swing,sql, core java +RMI but i just do not know how to implement all this like the assign user rights and all that.

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