i need ur help to write c++ porgram...
this is the topic of it
""""" Write a C++ program that calculates the perimeter and area of simple geometrical shapes based on the user’s selection. Let the program handle the perimeter and area calculations for circles, and Parallelograms. The program should display a menu of the three shapes, and then allow the user to select one of the options. Accordingly, the program would request from the user to enter the required parameters of the corresponding geometrical shape in floating-point form (e.g., radius of a circle). The program should interact with the user in a friendly way using a menu such as the following:
C: Circle.
P: Parallelogram.
The program should detect invalid inputs and display appropriate message to the user, accordingly. The following table describes the required parameters and the formulas for finding the perimeter and area for each shape.
Radius r
Sides S1 and S2
Angle α
2 π r
2(S1 + S2)
0 < α ≤ 90: (S1*S2)sinα
π r2
90 < α ≤ 180: (S1*S2)sin(180-α)
Notes: S1 S2 H = S2 Sin α γ α
Assume π = 3.143;
Parallelogram Area = S1 * H = S1 * S2 * Sinγ
where, γ = 180 - α """

pleeeeeeeaaaassssssssssssse help

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3. use a meaningful title

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