Thanks to mawe and Jeff for answering my first question. Next question: is there a way to get Tkinter to display the window without a title bar? I'm an experimental psychologist, and I don't want my participants to easily be able to exit my experiments... so hints on disabling alt-tab would be useful too. (Of course, I'd need a way to do a forced exit for myself.) I've heard that I can get this kind of functionality with pygame, and I'd be happy to see a solution that uses it... but I suppose in the end I'd prefer to do it with just Tkinter if that's possible.

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Here is the code for a title-free Tkinter window.

import Tkinter as tk

root = tk.Tk()
# eliminate the titlebar

# your code here ...


You have to exit the program somehow and could create one exit/quit button that needs secret password to quit.

This does not work for me, I get:
AttributeError: overridedirect

nevermind...i was using overridedirect instead of overideredirect....silly me... (thats why im a big fan of underscores...heh heh)

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