I want to declare a function, which takes input of a set of integers and returns a set of set of integers , I tried this but, it ain't correct , plz tell how I should do what I want

using namespace std;

int Q;
int N;

void stateminimise();
set<set> partition(set inp);
int main(){

   cout<<"\n Enter the number of states \n";
   cin >> Q;
   cout<<"\n Enter the number of various alphabets to used for input and output \n";
   cin << N;
   cout<<"\n The input and output lines will be represented as X and Y respectively \n";

set<set> partition(set inp){


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I think you need to specialize your inner sets.

set<set<int> > partition(set<int> inp);

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Actually whatever C++ I've learnt has been through doing assignments, and that is why I have such weard syntax

can I declare an array whose index starts not from zero, but from some other integer.
Just wanted to know!


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