hi anyone who can help me with this project?

Please see the attachment

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Did yu get the help for the project or yu are still stuck?? Let me know if yu still need help


Let me just reiterate that we DO NOT do homework assignments for people. If you are putting forth a strong amount of effort, and are stuck on a problem, we will gladly help you overcome such a situation. Once you start on the project, upload the code, and I'll be glad to look at it for you.


Did yu get the help for the project or yu are still stuck?? Let me know if yu still need help

let me just explain i said did yu get some help this does not mean doing the project for the person thus why i even stress that if yu still stuck. someone cannot be stuck without giving it a try first.

I know we do do pple's homework or projects because at the end of the day they wont gain anything that wont benefit them we will be doing them no good.

Thankx anyway!!! This will help other pple in case they did not know.

Which is exactly why I posted it. I was never infering that you intended to do the assignment for him, so much as I was unsure if he was expecting someone to write it for him. Anyway, thanks for the clarification for the benefit of other viewers.

I checked, and Kinv001 actually started a new thread a week later, had made a good effort but got stuck, and got some help from a couple of members.

I wouldn't do peoples homework for them either, what I do is test them by saying something like "what have you done so far? Post your code", to see if they have made an honest attempt before getting stuck. If its a freeloader, that stops them dead.
If they deserve it, I will try to help.


That adds tact to a touchy situation. A lot of times, people post here, expecting someone to do their assignments. I've even been asked to help someone who was taking a final examination at the very moment.... W00dy has shown a very elegant way of making sure they are putting forth honest effort.

Thanks for the compliment, Comatose, have a good day!

iam doing an asignment in VB .NET and iam able to add, delete and search my records but i dont have a code to edit my records can anyone help me in this please iam using ms access as my database

I came here to find coding and learn.We are expect that to learn coding and not learn about your website problem.It is waste our time for register and login.Then see all this trash...

Wallace Goh.

hey plz,give me some help on above topic.....

hey guys,,,,,,,,,,,,,,anyone ho can help me with this assignment,,,,,,,,,i find 8 difficult,,,,,,,,,,,,

Krizza, we do not do others homework here!!!

If you would have done some effort of your own and read the other posts, you would have seen that we just do not do it.

If you have a question, then ask it by opening your own thread/post. Show us what you have done, where you are getting errors etc. and we will gladly assist.:)

Please read our posting rules HERE .

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